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How RMIT Online's short course helped this student navigate a career transition to meet job criteria

Meet Jenni Curry who successfully completed RMIT Online’s Project Management for Professionals short course

Meet Jenni Curry who successfully completed RMIT Online’s Project Management for Professionals short course. Learn how this course helped her navigate a career transition to meet job criteria. Jenni chose to study with RMIT Online as it offered flexibility and because of the reputable online education. Post-course completion, she landed a new role with project management responsibilities, showcasing immediate application of newly acquired skills. Learn more about her story below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I recently changed roles and am currently on a temporary contract. However, while applying, I have been amazed at how many roles require experience in Project Management. Having completed the course, I've been able to meet selection criteria which otherwise would have been a challenge. 


Why did you decide to look into studying again, and why did you choose RMIT Online?

I could see that Project Management would be a vital skill for me to advance my career, it was a way of formalising and consolidating the skills I already had. I spent a fair amount of time looking at options online and decided that a 100% online course would suit me best, for the flexibility to study whenever I could find the time. RMIT is such a respected institution, that I knew their online component would be of high quality. I was really happy with this decision. 


Since completing the course, how have you been able to apply your new learnings?

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This split meant that I answered to two supervisors and was able to advance my skills in two separate areas, at the same time. 


How did you balance working, social life and studying?

My work was great and allowed me to complete some of my study on work time. The rest I did at evenings or on weekends. Because it was a short course, I was able to delay some social catch ups (and some housework) until after I had completed the course. Or, if there was something I really wanted to do on the weekend, I used that as an incentive to complete all the readings and course work for the week, before going out. 


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pivot in their careers?

Study is never a waste! And you never know what opportunities your study will create for you. Courses I did just 'for fun' have ended up being vital to my desired career progression. 


Would you recommend this course? If so why?

I recommend this course to people wanted to formalise or advance their skills. 

This article was originally published on 1 February 2024