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RMIT Online launches new course in partnership with iconic brands to lift the lid on Brand Experience

Industry-focused course will be delivered in partnership with leading brand agency Thinkerbell, as well as other iconic Australian brands

  • Industry-focused course will be delivered in partnership with leading brand agency Thinkerbell, as well as iconic Australian brands including, THE ICONIC, Vegemite and Koala
  • View the course here

In a bid to revitalise the marketing industry, RMIT Online has partnered with some of Australia’s most iconic brands and disruptors, including brand agency Thinkerbell, leading online fashion and sports retailer, THE ICONIC, Vegemite and furniture and lifestyle brand Koala, to launch a new short course in Brand Experience. The new offering aims to break down brand homogenisation and encourage brand differentiation, and addresses a surging industry demand for Brand Managers, which is expected to grow at a rate of 22 percent over the next five years1

Helen Souness, CEO at RMIT Online, said that the new offering will help all levels of an organisation pitch strategies impacting their brand experience, as well as create a brand promise that resonates with their customers. 

“Brand strategy is at the heart of the most successful leading businesses, and we are proud to be working with such iconic partners to introduce our newest offering Brand Experience,” Souness said.

“There is often a divide between customer experience and brand, and this course tells you that you don’t have to be one or the other, you can be both.”

“The marketing landscape is changing rapidly and our portfolio reflects this, now covering a breadth of marketing areas, including emerging technologies, MarTech, analytics, channel marketing and brand experience. As consumer marketing continually evolves, brand ambassadors will need to continually refresh their skills and keep up with emerging trends.” 

Adam Ferrier, Consumer Psychologist and Founder of Thinkerbell said that the partnership signifies the growing importance of Brand Experience in the consumer marketing space. 

“Understanding the entire brand experience is at the centre of good marketing. There are many distractions in today’s complex world for people to focus on, but understanding and delivering a unified brand experience to the customer is the best way to build value into any business,” he said.

“Brand experience is understanding the brand in its entirety, and ensuring all parts of the business are delivering on the same organising idea. Branding as a concept is largely misunderstood and relegated into the world of design and communications - but at its core it should drive everything the business does. This course shows people how to do that.” 

Students enrolled in the Brand Experience program will gain an understanding of how to create a unique brand promise and then actually deliver that promise through every customer experience driven by every team member throughout their organisation.

The short course costs $990 and will run for six weeks. Graduates will be fully credentialed by RMIT University. The first intake begins in October, 2020.


Additional quotes

Matt Gray, Head of Marketing at Bega Foods: 

"Vegemite is arguably Australia’s most iconic brand. It has a clear meaning, is distinctive and a household name.  Many people who want to understand marketing can possibly learn a bit from what this little yeast based spread does so well. We're proud to be a part of this online course and share some of our learnings."

Peter Stoterdyk, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at Koala:

“Koala was able to disrupt a relatively stagnant industry by marrying brand marketing efforts to the overall customer experience, ensuring that both delivered on our ultimate promise: to make the way you live better.” 

Alexander Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer, THE ICONIC

“’Never stop learning’ is one of the eight core principles that we at THE ICONIC live by, so it’s humbling to be able to share what we’ve learnt over the years with a new audience. THE ICONIC is redefining the future of retail in Australian and New Zealand; we want to create a better future by liberating the world from meaningless constraints. We’re excited to extend our knowledge to help further educate those who want to learn more about Brand Experience at RMIT Online.” 


This article was originally published on 19 August 2020