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Upskilling and empowering: Veronica's journey with RMIT Online's Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Veronica Wnuk undertook RMIT Online's short course to keep her skill set relevant after she graduated

The ever-changing landscape of marketing has made it vital for professionals to keep a lifelong learning mindset, especially with rapid technological advancements, increasing consumer needs, and growing competition across industries. That was the case for Veronica Wnuk, Marketing Manager of Stage School Australia, who could no longer ignore the rising significance of 'digital' within her role, and the overall industry. To stay ahead of the game, Veronica enrolled herself into RMIT Online’s 6-week short course, Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns, and hasn’t looked back. Let’s take a closer look into her experience.

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How did you find studying online? 

It's been more years than I'd like to admit since I last studied at university. I also ended my last foray into uni because I found it so difficult to juggle online learning with work. RMIT have created a seamless online learning experience for their students. The course was packed with value and insight, presented in an easy to follow module structure and expertly brought to life by our mentor, Sarah Macdonald. 


How did you find balancing studying with working/family/social life? 

There were many moments during the course where I doubted my ability to complete the workload, but my mentor Sarah, was readily available to encourage and support me.  

Juggling full-time work and part-time study with being a parent is no mean feat but being able to tackle the course in my own time, and still maintain correspondence via Slack with my mentor and peers kept me feeling connected to the course experience while I worked through the units.

What was the learning content like?  

I found the course to be packed with value and insight with lots of relevant industry examples to reference as I was learning. The course was presented in an easy to follow module structure, with approximations of time needed to complete units, which I found really motivating and helpful. 


What was your favourite part of the course?  

My favourite part of the course was having the online material brought to life by our mentor, Sarah Macdonald. I think without this human element, I wouldn't have connected with the course in the same way or received as much value from my learning. 


Describe what it was like when you finished your course? 

I did find it difficult to juggle studying with full-time work and being a parent, so I was relieved when I submitted my assignment. However, when I received confirmation that I had passed the course, I was surprised that the first thought that popped into my mind was "what will I study next?". I'm not ready to tackle this yet, but it's definitely on the agenda for the future. 


Do you feel the skills learned in the course helped you get a new job? Or have you been able to apply your new learnings to your current job?  

I was able to instantly start implementing what I was learning in the course to my work with Stage School. It definitely empowered me to ask more questions and explore different strategies with our digital agency. 


Would you recommend this course? If so why? 

I would absolutely recommend the course. I found the course was packed with value and insight, presented in an easy to follow module structure and expertly brought to life by our mentor. The world of digital marketing is immense and ever evolving, but I think the course presented an excellent overview of current best practices. 


Ready to harness the potential of digital marketing and elevate your career? Let Veronica's inspiring journey fuel your drive to embark on a path of growth and achievement with RMIT Online! Learn more about our Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns short course here: 

This article was originally published on 8 August 2023