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Watch: On the Couch with Russel Howcroft

Join us on the couch with Russel Howcroft to look at the future of marketing post COVID-19 and discuss which brands are telling their stories well in 2020

RMIT Online
RMIT Online

These days, almost every brand is spruiking ‘storytelling’. Throughout COVID-19, consumers have been bombarded with messages of support from brands, but when every business has a "we’re here for you" message, are consumers tired of storytelling? And when every brand has a story to tell, how do you stand out?

RMIT Online is joined on the couch by Russel Howcroft to look at which brands are telling their stories well, and which are stumbling – and to answer the question, what does storytelling even mean in 2020?

Check out the video above to hear Russel explore what he thinks the future of marketing will look like and whether storytelling will still be relevant in years to come as technology and AI advances across sectors. Once again, we invited attendees to shape the trajectory of the discussion by sending in questions ahead of the event to ensure that Russel answered your most pressing queries.