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Panel of experts talking on Zoom screen on laptop.Panel of experts talking on Zoom screen on laptop.

Watch: Product Management in a customer-centric world

Check out our latest webinar on Product Management with Narelle Charity & Ed Bobeff

In today's competitive marketplace, purchasing decisions aren’t just driven by product design, or marketing, or even price. For many, customer experience is becoming the biggest factor in whether or not they actually buy something. Zendesk recently reported that 3 in 4 consumers will even spend more with businesses that provide a good CX, with over half willing to switch to a competitor after just one bad experience.

It’s evident that we’re currently living in the age of the customer. With the landscape changing, and consumers expecting more from brands, what does this mean for product managers and their teams? How can we leverage customer insights to build better products, that still differentiate in an increasingly competitive market? And what does the future look like for product management as an industry? 

In this On the Couch session, we chat to Narelle Charity (Director of Product at SEEK) and Ed Bobeff (Product Management Executive and former Executive GM at Xero) to discuss product management in a customer-centric world, including: 

  • Becoming a customer-centric product leader 
  • What customers are really looking for in a product today 
  • The role of a product manager in 2024 
  • Prioritising feedback and insights to better deliver outcomes for customers 
  • How to encourage cross-functional collaboration between product management, engineering, and design teams to ensure a cohesive customer experience

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This article was originally published on 1 November 2023