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Watch: The changing face of Australian retail

RMIT Online presents our next "On The Couch" Webinar with experts from Koala, Officeworks and Big W

With lockdown restrictions forcing bricks and mortar retail closures, there has been a boom in e-commerce across Australia. Business and individuals have been forced to quickly adapt to the new climate, and a Deloitte study has attributed e-commerce growth during the three months to May as $2.4 billion higher than the same time last year.

COVID-19 has forced an acceleration for companies to consider their e-commerce strategies both now and in the longer-term future


RMIT Online presents our latest On The Couch webinar to discuss the changing face of Australian retail, what lessons we can learn from the businesses who are managing their e-commerce presence well, and what foreseeable opportunities there are to leverage these strategies into longer term roadmaps. 

Joining the panel is Peter Sloterdyk, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at Koala, Jo-Ann Hicks, Head of Digital Marketplace at Big W, and David Pisker, General Manager, CX and E-Commerce at Officeworks.

Interested in learning more about e-commerce? check out our online short course here.

This article was originally published on 23 September 2020